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Datum: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 18:37:34 +0200


Betreff: Brief von italienischen Juden an die EU für die Anerkennung der neuen palästinensischen Regierung

Subscribing to the remarks and recommendations made in an article by Mr Henry Siegman, Director of the U.S./Middle East Project and Professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, in the IHT of 19/02/07, in a Haaretz leader on 5/02/07, as well as in an article by Mr Uri Avneri of 17/02/07,


the Undersigned wish to address the European Union and the Leaders of the Member Countries in order to request their contribution to the start of a new round of negotiations between the Israeli Government and the Palestinian National Authority.


To the European Union
To the Leaders of European Countries


In our capacity as individuals and groups of Jews committed to a lasting peace between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples, we believe that:


 After the Hamas victory in the 2006 national elections, the Israeli Government has refused to recognize the Palestinian government. The PNA was not consulted by Sharon when he took the decision to withdraw from Gaza. Subsequently, Mr Olmert launched a boycott of the Hamas Government and succeeded in obtaining support for the boycott at an international level, refusing at the same time to negotiate with Mr Abu Mazen. Even today the Israeli Government continues to stay this course, in spite of a new and noteworthy event, that is, the recent Mecca agreement between Hamas and al Fatah for the formation of a National Unity Government, facilitated by King Abdullah, which seems to have attained  three goals:


1.      To stop the internecine war among Palestinians, which, if pursued, would lead to a blood bath with disastrous effects and to the sheer impossibility of talking peace  in the area for many years;

2.      To de-link Hamas from Iran, to whom they had turned for help in the absence of alternative solutions;

3.      To break the taboo of support to a Palestinian Government which includes Hamas, by identifying the National Unity Government as a legitimate and an acceptable counterpart in negotiations.


 For these reasons it seems that the fundamentals are now in place in order for the E.U. to steer a more independent course in the Middle East relative to its US ally, making the most of the support coming from Saudi Arabia, on whom the US depends not only for its oil supplies but also for tackling the controversy with Iran and handling the  Iraqi  quagmire.


The E.U. should therefore  immediately announce an end to the boycott and open a dialogue with the National Unity Government  to resume negotiations with the Palestinians and the Israeli Government.  Missing this new chance for peace would mean repeating the tragic mistake of April 2002, when Saudi Arabia  advanced the offer of a complete end to hostilities between the Arab world and Israel, in addition to Arab recognition of the State of Israel, in exchange for a complete withdrawal >from the Occupied Territories.


Until now, three conditions have been set to end the boycott:


a.       Hamas ‘recognition of the existence of the State of Israel

b.      A stop to terrorism

c.       Full recognition of the agreements signed by the PLO.


 However, these conditions appear totally unilateral, as the radicalization of Palestinian society which translated into a vote for Hamas was mainly motivated by the continuation of the Israeli Occupation of the territories occupied in 1967, with its consequent burden of oppression, affliction and humiliation.


Now the EU and its leaders  have an opportunity to change the preconditions which have up to now prevented the end of the boycott of the Palestinian Government and the resumption of  negotiations.


The EU should ask Hamas, as a preliminary condition ending the boycott, to spell out their willingness to recognize the State of Israel when Israel withdraws  from the Occupied Territories within the 1967 border, abiding by the relevant UN Security Council Resolutions. Accepting this condition logically leads to fulfilling the remaining two conditions, i.e. a stop to terrorism and full recognition of the agreements signed by the PL. If this long overdue reciprocal move is not made, it clearly indicates a desire to maintain the unjust status quo.


We would like to remind European leaders that such a  stance would find a most solid raison d’être in the very decision made by the EU in March 2004, when the Presidents of the European countries declared unanimously their opposition to any deviations from the 1967 border which would not be mutually agreed between the two parties.


This is the right moment to be consistent with this 2004 resolution.


Barbara Agostini, Irene Albert, Paolo Amati, Dunia Astrologo, Marina Astrologo, Annalisa Bemporad, Andrea Billau, Lina Cabib, Giorgio Canarutto, Paola Canarutto, Ilan Cohen, Beppe Damascelli, Lucio Damascelli, Jules Karp, Marina Del Monte, Ester Fano, Carla Forti, Giorgio Forti, Joan Haim, Dino Levi, Tamara Levi, Michele Luzzati, Patrizia Mancini, Miriam Marino, Marina Morpurgo, Ernesto Muggia, Stefano Sarfati Nahmad, Carla Ortona, Sergio Ottolenghi, Valeria Ottolenghi, Moni Ovadia, Paola Sacerdoti, Renata Sarfati, Giorgio Segrè, Danco Singer, Sergio Sinigaglia, Stefania Sinigaglia, Susanna Sinigaglia, Ornella Terracini, Claudio Treves, Virginia Volterra.


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