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 Siedlungen - Siedler in Palästina - 1  - Videos zum Nahostkonflikt

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Daily Life in Hebron - Colonial Soldiers and Settlers Harassment of Palestinians (play list 47+ short videos)

47 Videos of Colonial Soldiers and settlers Harassment of Palestinians in Hebron
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Settler Violence against Children in OPT: Jameel's Story: - Jameel (16) and two electricians were to his home when they heard the sound of weapons being cocked and an Israeli soldier saying stop, you mother***r. The four Israeli soldiers verbally abused Jameel, took his ID and broke his mobile phone. Family members soon arrived as they had heard the bews. After several minutes the soldiers marched Jameel toward Ramat Yeshai settlement and told his mother and cousin that it was a closed area and they would be shot at if they followed them, after telling them moments before "go back you whores." At a checkpoint near the settlement. Jameel was blindfolded and had his hands tied with plastic cords. He was forced to stand near the checkpoint as 40-50 settlers threw stones and brutally beat him, including punching him in the neck, causing the boy extreme pain and nausea. They also verbally abused him calling him a son of a whore and a motherf***er. Soldiers also brutally beat him. His head was smashed into the ground knocking >>>





Palestinian shepherd films settler stealing his sheep - On July 21, three settlers stole a sheep from a young Palestinian shepherd while he was watering his flock at a well situated in Umm Zeitouna valley, located between the Israeli settlements of Ma’on and Karmel. According to the shepherd, a resident of Tuba village, two Israeli settler vehicles stopped on the nearby settler bypass road. A settler exited from one of the vehicles, walked toward the shepherd’s flock, grabbed a sheep by the ear, and dragged the animal a few yards. He then loaded the sheep onto his sholders and walked back to the road, where two other settlers, one of them armed, were waiting. The settlers loaded the animal into a vehicle. During this time the shepherd remained at a distance filming the theft with a camera from the Israeli human rights association B’Tselem, given to Palestinians in the area to document attacks by settlers. >>>




Jewish Israeli settlers took over a Palestinian house in the Old City of Jerusalem, claiming to have bought it. However the Palestinian families deny this and can be seen sitting outside their homes, waiting for the court decision and their return home.




Illegal Israeli Settlements Inside Palestine Exposed - by Max Blumenthal




In several events filmed by B'Tselem during October, settlers are seen hampering Palestinians from harvesting olives and stealing their crops. We also hear from the settlers who are involved in these actions.



Video - ZDF - Siedler und Siedlungen - Kampf um die Olivenhaine >>>


Video: The settlements issue >>>


Video: Jerusalem remains obstacle >>>


Video: Debating Israeli settlements >>>





July 26th, 2009. Israeli settlers occupy a house in Sheik Jarrah, a Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem.
Israel evicts Palestinian families


August 2, 2009: Sheikh Jarrah Eviction and Protest - The Hanoun and Ghawi families were evicted early on the morning of August 2nd. More info at http://blog.ryanlinstrom.com

Israeli security forces have forcibily evicted two Palestinian families from a contested East Jerusalem neighbourhood. The families have lived in Sheikh Jarrah since 1956 but an Israeli court ruled that the homes belonged to Jewish families. Al Jazeera's Sherine Tadros reports from occupied East Jerusalem.


sheikh jarrah 2/8/09 eviction of Maher hanoun & his family 2


On 2. 8.2009, the police evicted two Palestinian families from their houses in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem.


Israeli soldiers beat and kick the Sheikh Jarrah demonstrators

Israeli Religous Settlers in Palestinian House Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem - Picture of the situation in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem at 3rd August 2009, after the eviction by the Israeli Police of 2 Palestinian families the day before. This is what occupation means for Palestinians, this is what occupation means for Israel: ethnic cleansing, racism and state terror. Israel is becoming more and more the New Apartheids Regime, by its own actions.........






Der sehr bekannt und beliebte israelische Moderator Haim Yavin, ein wirklicher "Mister Konsens", beschreibt die Siedler
 mit Worten eines prominenten Kritikers "als fanatische, verrückte, rassistische, widerliche und gewalttätige Sekte".

Siedler Siedlungen



USA und Israel streiten über Baustopp in Ost-Jerusalem (20. Juli 2009)




Ilan Mizrahi has spent 16 years photographing and filming right wing Israeli settlers in the West Bank city of Hebron. His film, Israel: Rise of the Right, looks at the followers of Rabbi Meir Kaha...








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